Monday, September 29, 2008

Those cheeks aren't 20th percentile

Donovan went in to see his new pediatrician this morning. He weighed in at 17lb 9oz... um, last week he was 17lb 2oz. I then remembered another time that he did this, I think it was when he was in the hospital for his UTI at 2 months, and every morning the nurses would weigh him. He went about 4 days without gaining anything at all, and then overnight his weight suddenly jumped a bunch. So I guess he's just not a gradual guy. He's still low on the weight percentiles (20th, down from 50th a few months ago) and the dr was still a bit concerned about it, but when you compare his weight today versus one month ago his gains average out to about 3oz/week which is back up to the normal range (the month before he'd barely gained a little over 1oz per week). Then again I wonder how much of that is from the past week+ (since arriving here) of him waking and eating every 2-3 hours all night long...

So we'll see what the next month of growth brings. He continues to be pretty happy and have plenty of energy. And while he may be on the skinny side, his cheeks and double chin are chubby as ever. =P


  1. My Daughter is the same - eats very little but slowly gains. She used to be in the 70% for height and 30% for weith. Now it's 50%/19%. Just as with you Son, she more than makes up for it in her chubby cheeks!

    Her doctor isn't worried - as long as she continues to grow and otherwise seems healthy.

  2. Jackie1:09 PM

    Is Donovan eating much solid food now? Did the pediatrician say anything about giving him more solid food? Maybe that would help the weight gain and stop him waking up so much at night.

  3. Jackie- I'm offering him solids twice a day (morning and night). The dr said I can try upping the amount of food I offer him. The past several days he hasn't been interested in them at all, though-- I can hardly get him to take 1 good bite of food.

    He has at times eaten a good 2-4oz in one sitting (i usually give cereal mixed with a fruit or veggie) but the amt he eats hasn't ever seemed to correlate with his sleep patterns.

  4. Heee, mine *just* hit 18 pounds and she is one year old! And this is a baby who was in the 91st percentile for weight at six weeks. She has slid down the growth charts from 91st to 75th to 50th to 25th (not sure where she is now--we have our appt next week), though her height is above 95th percentile. I think they just get wonky after the first six months or so, when their growth is pretty consistent. My pediatrician begins every conversation with, "Now, I know you are worried about her weight..." but she's not concerned b/c she does continue to gain every visit and her height is through the roof. *I'm* not worried b/c she scarfs down solids like nobody's business but I always think that I'm relieved she didn't start sliding down the charts while she was exclusively breastfed b/c then it'd be harder to measure.

    Anyway, good luck--is likely just genetic.

  5. He's probably all the envy of the chubby Cali babies who've been trying and trying to communicate to their parents that they live in an age where chubby is no longer acceptable.

    :o) kidding. He LOOKS perfect. And so happy.

  6. Jackie4:19 PM

    This looks interesting.



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