Saturday, September 27, 2008

lil' g

I've started using gDiapers with Donovan again (at least during the day, at night we use disposables for extra absorbency... I'm too lazy to change diapers in the middle of the night). Realistically, cloth diapers aren't something we're quite willing to deal with, but I still have some guilt about using disposables. These seem like a really nice compromise. I'm considering trying to talk a friend of mine to let me add some of the used inserts into her compost pile, but for now I've been flushing them and that seems to be working really well. Most of the time it doesn't even require extra water use as I've been saving each insert to flush the next time I use the bathroom anyway. They involve a little more work than disposables, but it's not bad and I must say I do very much like the idea of being able to just flush away poopy diapers rather than keep them in a trash can till it's time to put them out.

As for other things Donovan, he has apparently decided that he is NOT a fan of the car or his car seat anymore. Maybe he's just spent too much time in it lately-- I've been using the car much more here than I ever did in Switzerland. Don't really know what to do about that, other than trying to limit car time as much as possible. Our new place is within walking distance of a few fun things, so that will help some.

thinking about crawling?

One thing he is a huge fan of is bath time, and water in general. He LOVES taking baths. I think he'd hang out in there all night long if I let him. He's gotten really good at sitting up on his own, so he just sits in the big tub and splashes water everywhere, every so often pausing to grin at me or play with one of his bath toys. Tonight he spent the entire time telling long stories to the wall. Other than having to shield myself with his towel to keep from getting soaked, it's a pretty fun time. The other day he and I played in the pool at the apartment pool, and he had a blast. We may have to do some more of that while we're still at this place.

so many ways to be impossibly adorable


  1. OMG beyond adorable!

    You should send that photo of him with the logo to the company with a sale price. You should check out stock photography prices - one image can generate a nice residual income.

  2. I'm glad to hear that you like the gdiapers and haven't had any "accidents". I've been trying some biodegradable disposables (Nature Babycare) and have wanted to try gdiapers but was worried about flushing them (clogging toilet in apartment where I'm unsure of the plumbing) and I heard you need to change them more often (I feel like I do this anyway, so would I need to do it even more?). I'd love to know if you find this to be true.

    By the way, love the photos!

  3. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Look how big he is!!! Sitting up all by himself!!!

    I MISS HIM!!!

    His face looks so different - is it the hair?



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