Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Comme un poulet sans tete

I had plans to come back and update on here nicely about our week away, with pictures and all, I even have 1.5 posts already written up on word that I wrote during the week. However time has gotten away, we are frantically trying to get ready, and time seems... meager.

I am so so so glad it worked out that Mom and Philip are here with us these last few days. I don't know how we'd be doing this otherwise. They keep taking D and playing with him, going out on walks, doing whatever else is needed so we're able to take care of our stuff most of the time. D does seem to be entering the separation anxiety phase, or maybe it's just that our calm, go-with-the-flow baby has had to deal with one too many changes to his entire little world right now and is having a hard time coping, and so is needed time with his mama every so often which feels wonderful for me-- there's magic in being able to soothe your frantically crying baby by simply holding him in your arms-- but means that it's also a bit harder to hand him off to someone else to play with instead. Our poor little guy's routine has been completely thrown upside down, and I feel for him as we still have quite a bit of change still to come (unfortunately we also have the confounding factor that I was hit by a 24 hour stomach bug on Sunday, and today Zach's stomach hurts and I wonder if D's does, as well). I'm trying to do what I can to comfort him and help him out, and also just trying to get us all through this transition period till things are more settled again.

On the other hand, it's been pretty heartwarming watching D play with his grandparents and have so much fun with them, the times that he's happy. Not to mention the joy in Mom and Philip's eyes as they play with him.

We're going to dinner at our neighbor's house tonight. Tomorrow will be spent packing our suitcases, making sure we have enough room for what we're planning to take, figure out an alternate plan for whatever doesn't fit, and trying to get everything as ready as possible. Thursday will be spent running a few errands and hopefully getting to spend some somewhat-stress-free time in town on what will be our last day in Switzerland, and then Friday we're off. Wow.


  1. Could also be that he is impacted by the anxiety you are feeling in your quest to finish everything on time!

    Good luck with your move. Hope all goes well.

  2. Poor little guy!!! :(

    (And poor Little Guy's Mom!)



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