Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another First

It seems we may be dealing with D's first cold. I've felt very lucky that we went almost 8 months without one, I guess the lucky streak had to end sometime. He woke up pretty stuffy this morning and had a runny nose off and on today. He also had a low fever (100.5F) but that may also have been from the vaccine he got yesterday at the doctor's. I've been giving him baby Motrin for the fever, and put some drops of breast milk in his nose to help with the stuffiness. He's sleeping now, we'll see how the night goes.

Despite being possibly a bit under the weather, I did still take D out to meet up with my friend Monika and her adorable 1 yr old Audrey, for a baby story time at a local library. I've met Audrey once before-- when she was all of 2 weeks old. It's pretty amazing to see her so grown up, and it was great to see Monika again. D seemed to enjoy the songs and stories, but I also could tell he wasn't quite feeling like himself (it was during the story time that I noticed he felt a bit warm) and by the end of it he was getting tired, too. But I'm glad we went, and will try to work these types of activities into our "schedule"... you know, when we start settling into one.


  1. The symptoms you describe are classic side effects of vaccines. Or so my baby care classes tell me



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