Saturday, September 20, 2008

le decallage, c'est terrible

I wish I could fast-forward though the next few days/nights. If things go like on our trip to Texas this summer, hopefully D will be mostly adjusted to the new time zone in about 3-4 days. But till then... oh lordy. Last night there was much waking up. And crying. And some sleeping. And then he was up at 3:30 or 4am, and thus so have we, though he has been napping now for almost 2 hours which is good. The complex provided a crib for us to use, but it's way too high and I can hardly get him in and out without having to fold my body in half over the wooden rail, so added to today's to-do list is now buying a pack-and-play to use instead.

Zach's been scourging the 1,000,003 rental listings on craigslist (seriously, there's TONS just from yesterday, I guess this is good for us) and we've predictably found several things in the cheap-and-kinda-crappy-looking range and a couple in the looks-awesome-but-slightly-over-our-estimated-price-range. Hopefully we can go look at a few today and get a better feel ofr them in person. I do already get a very strong sense that Switzerland has spoiled us, BADLY. So many of the houses and apartment complexes we're seeing pictures of make us immediately wrinkle our noses at their sheer, um, ugliness. What is wrong with US engineering?? Oh well.

D just woke up, seems unhappy, is probably hungry. Mama to the rescue.

OH! And I'm pretty sure we have OUR FIRST TOOTH! After about FOUR MONTHS of on/off teething pain, yesterday I noticed a little white spot on one side of his lower gum, and it feels sharp. Zach's not convinced it's actually a tooth. He thinks it's a little beak coming out (you know, for crushing with). But that's him.. he wanted our kid to come out with mutant wings, so, um, yeah.


  1. a round of applause for making it across the ocean with baby and feline in tow!! Here's hoping that things get back to normal quickly. But even if they don't, you always have burritos and tortilla chips to the mental rescue. How nice is that!?

  2. Marcy - most cribs side railings come down on one side. Are you sure that one doesn't? I always forget mine does, and I never use it.



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