Monday, September 15, 2008

Still Up For Grabs (SALE SALE SALE!)

Just got back from our week away, had a great time, lots to tell (and yes, Cristina, I have a whole crapload of pictures to share, including of course lots of super duper cute ones of Donovan), but for now I'm kind of boggled at the fact that we only have 3 full days left here before getting on that plane and there still seems to be so much left to do. Zach is right now cleaning out the car that he's selling tomorrow, and I'm setting up meeting times for the sale of items we've set up for sale. Below are things that haven't had any takers yet, so again if you're interested in any of this stuff or know someone who might (and who's able to pick them up sometime between now and Thursday evening) send me an email (mightymarce at Everything's 5chf except where specified.

Ikea NOT lamps x 2
Ikea STORM floor lamp (3'11")
Ikea STORM table lamp
Ikea table lamps x 2 (
photo 1 and 2)
Plug-in room heaters x 2 (photo)
Clothing iron (
Baby Moov Steam Bottle Warmer (20chf)
Vaccuum cleaner (20chf)
Geneva Explorer
Red Bumbo chair with tray
Infant bath seat (best photo I have...)



  1. GAKKK!!! That seems to soon!!!

    Can't wait to have you back on this continent, but it still makes me sad that y'all are leaving. *sigh*


  2. what!! 3 dayyssss

    have a safe trip home!

  3. Marcy, thanks for all of your thoughtful and lengthy comments on my blog. it keeps me going when sometimes i have no idea if anyone reads :). your comments are always generous in spirit and helpful. i dont know what to do about the white text at the top...its the color that works best, though yeah, it isn't great.
    see you bright and early tomorrow. get donovan ready in a super cute outfit. :) i need to get my fix of him until next year!



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