Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Today is D's 7 month birthday. It is nothing short of mindboggling to think of what took place 7 months ago today-- a day that feels so far away, yet as if time has flown by at the same time.

Today is also the last day and night that we will spend in this house, still feeling like a Home. Tomorrow morning the movers come and will start packing everything up. As I sit to write this at almost 8pm, I think we're just about ready. We'll still be here for another couple weeks afterwards, but the house will have a completely different feel when our things are gone and instead we are using borrowed plates and a table and set of chairs from the restaurant next door.

Monique from across the street just came by to give us going-away presents, a very cute outfit for D and a book about Geneva (written in English) for us.

I worry about what the next month will be like for D, with everything being thrown up in the air and so much change. But I think that worry is mostly unfounded as every other time he's faced change he's dealt with it beautifully. He barely seems to bat an eye when he's set down to sleep in a place other than his usual bed, and seems to almost thrive on new environments rather than needing the security of home. I guess we'll how that holds up when the changes keep coming for an entire month or 2 as opposed to just a day or week or 2 at a time.

Time to eat dinner, watch a bit of The Daily Show's coverage of the republican convention, and then get back to the last to-do's for the night. Down the rabbit hole we go...


  1. I worry about this with Finn too, and I think the reality is that Finn and Donovan will both adjust beautifully!

  2. hapy 7th month birthday, donovan!



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