Friday, September 26, 2008

Settled (sort of)

Busy day today. We signed our lease and got the keys to our new home, though we won't get to move in for another several weeks while we're waiting for our stuff to arrive on the boat (and then clear customs, which may take an additional week or 2). Even though we've known for the past week that we all but had the place, it sure feels good to have the lease signed and know that it really is ours ( for the next 2 years, anyway) and we can go ahead and change our addresses on everything. I already ordered super adorable address labels from this super adorable etsy shop called Handmade by Amy. Though I may also have to end up buying one of the super adorable address stamps from this other incredibly wonderful shop called Sweet Paperie (which led me to this other shop, Elephannie, which is now giving me all sorts of cute ideas for decorating D's new bedroom). I really need to get into writing letters more, as I am such a freak about all things stationery. It's slightly ridiculous. The other day I stopped into this paper shop and was just drooling over all the gorgeous note cards, reminding myself that I already have several boxes that I need to use up before I can buy any more (although most of those boxes are on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, so maybe I should get something to tide me over till then....)

Anyway. Back to today... We then stopped by a T-Mobile shop and got ourselves a phone plan, and so now I have my very own cell phone number and a new phone. Since our arrival I've been using a borrowed phone from my parents (they have an extra cell phone that they've just tacked onto their shared family plan that they keep around for when people need an extra one) and it's certainly been great to have, but the keys on it stick and it's nice to have a phone number that's actually mine. Zach had a hard time picking out what phone he wanted, I didn't see much that appealed to me so I went with the only phone there that looked and felt nice to me which was a gunmetal grey Motorola Razr. The guy helping us out was apparently baffled by me picking out a phone that's so "old" and "outdated" and doesn't have a million new features and kept trying to show me other phones (they weren't even more expensive so I don't think he was even doing it for commission). I had to tell him a few times that, really, it's ok, the only thing I use my phone for is actually calling people. And I may send a photo or 2 of Donovan back to his grandparents. Now at home after fiddling with it I still like it, again it just has a nice feel to it. And really, aesthetics are one of the biggest things I care about in a cell phone.

So here we are, just one week after arriving back in California and we already have a place to live, our new cell phones, and a car. Yay for getting settled back in quickly. =)


  1. i cant believe you guys have a place already, thats so great!

    i have an address stamp from sweetpaperie, after i got it a few months ago I told christoph we couldnt move anymore because i love it too much :)

  2. I love the address stamps. I'm going to have a hard time picking one out!

    Great choice with your new phone. I have the same one. Yes, there are newer ones to choose from now but it's just great for putting in your back pocket and sending off a quick photo or video to someone.

  3. etsy can be such a dangerous place to spend a few minutes that quickly turn into a few hours!



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