Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A day in the life...

I met up with Cyrus, Julia, and baby Sophia for lunch today. It was really nice to catch up with them and to get to meet the little one (so teensy and cute! Funny how quickly you really do forget how small they used to be...). It's gonna be so, so nice to live so close to them when we move into our new place. =)

D seemed to be in a good enough mood afterwards so I took a risk and went to the mall. The kiddo stayed happy enough for me to try on some jeans and get a few other things I've been needing. He even flirted with several women while out and about. I don't know if he really has a preference for women or if they're just the ones who stop and notice and make comments, but boy do they find him adorable I think we'll be in a world of trouble in about 13 years...

When looking toward moving to the US I had a feeling I'd find it much easier to leave the house with Donovan to do things. In Geneva there were only a few places that I'd go to by car, and for most things we'd take the bus which wasn't bad but required a bit of planning and 30 minutes of travel time, each way. Here, it is so much easier to get out the door and go. At the same time I'm also realizing how I dislike making short stops at several places and feel bad when I'm pulling D in and out of his car seat more than a couple times on one outing. That was the advantage of taking the bus into town-- once you were there, it was essentially one big "one-stop-shop" and D could just hang out in his stroller the entire time, nodding off and waking back up as he pleased, without being interrupted to get in or out of a car. So I'm finding myself already graviating towards planning out outings so I can stop the least number of times and take care of as much as possible at each stop. I may also take advantage of online shopping a lot more now-- any errands that can be done quickly from home rather than have to take time (and energy and gas) to complete seem like a good thing. Yesterday I put in an order through, and not only did I get free shipping but my stuff also arrived this evening. =)


  1. Hee, don't you love the convenience of living in the US again? It's amazing!

    Yeah, I've learned to limit outings to one stop only. And also wedge them between naps. So we generally run errands between 12-2 and only get into and out of the car once. It's a pain but it keeps her stress level much lower and on a schedule (though sometimes after a particularly fruitful trip to Target we don't get home till close to 3 and she goes down late). Now that she is starting to go toward one nap per day, it's nice to not have to constantly watch the clock in the afternoons!

  2. I still 5 years later try to plan it out so that I run my errands without Ryan or minimize the stops. She does her own seat belt, but she gets pretty cranky by the second store.

    Just a life adjustment I suppose

  3. It was great to see you and D yesterday.....

    As for the errands, I do the same thing. I limit them to only from 12-2 and try to make only a few stops. is the greatest site ever. They have everything and they ship really quick....I love it!



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