Tuesday, September 15, 2009

love nips

As much as I wanted to get a second cat, I was worried for a while that she'd cause a bunch of trouble and stress and basically too much to deal with when I've already got my hands full with Donovan. Nev, however, has been awesome. More than awesome. She lived in a foster home before coming to us, so she was already well-versed in the ways of litter boxes and has not had a single accident to date. Sierra has been reacting so much more calmly than expected, and while there's no cuddling yet and Sierra hasn't quite resumed her habit of sleeping on our bed at night, they have started playing and chasing each other and basically the bonds of feline friendship seem to be growing. And Donovan, he smiles each time he sees Nev and she doesn't run in the opposite direction each time she sees him, so that's pretty much a huge success as well.

Potential extra work aside, it's so great to have a young kitten along with a toddler. It's like Nev doesn't know better and so she just deals with him (part of it is also that D's surprisingly gentle with her, something that continues to amaze me). She lets him pet her, she hangs out near him and even sits next to him, and as a result I get to enjoy such super duper adorable scenes like this one, and this one, and this one. Ok, so maybe she's kinda biting his toes there, but she seems to know not to do it very hard and he obviously isn't minding it. Basically, it's really fun watching these 2 grow up together and get to be such good friends. I think we definitely picked the right kitty. =)

In other news, my new iPod Touch came in the mail today!!! Wheeeeee! Very exciting. I had a few computer issues, and am figuring out how to best work iTunes, but I've now got it loaded up with music, some pictures, and a few fun/essential apps. This will definitely be a fun toy to explore, and has the potential to be infinitely useful. Yay. =)


  1. Gus likes to give love-nibbles. On my feet. He hasn't quite grasped the difference between "nibble" and "maim," though.

    For some reason, MY feet are treacherous and MUST BE STOPPED. Freddy's feet? Nah, those are cool. This morning he grabbed my socked foot and WOULD NOT LET IT GO.

    Bad kitty.

    Maybe there was a good reason why he was the last one in the litter to be taken...

  2. Marcy...those photos are super cute. Love how Donovan is so easy going about it.

  3. Mmmm...tastes like chicken!



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