Saturday, September 12, 2009

Food Wars Update+

Ok, first of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who commented on my last post! All the advice was very helpful and appreciated. I've been trying to really stick to a rule of only eating when he's in his high chair, both from a safety standpoint (choking hazard) and also to not get crumbs and food all over the house. However I know I'm not the best model of this, and it also doesn't seem realistic unless I really want to wage war between myself, Donovan, and his food. So when he gets into one of these moods where he just wants to nibble incessantly, I'll put out a bowl of cheerios or small crackers or something and let him have at it. I also need to break the habit of using his snack breaks to do other stuff. It's easy to do-- he's confined to his chair, the laptop is right there on the table, it's so tempting to check email or facebook while he's eating. Especially since now that he only sleeps for a grand total of maybe 1 hour during the day (and during his waking hours he's incessantly pulling me towards the front door), I don't have much free time otherwise. It'll be a tough habit to break, but I suppose it needs to be done. It also might get me to actually eat regular meals and snacks with him since otherwise I tend to forget (the mommy brain diet!).

It's been a fun, somewhat busy week. Monday we all went to the zoo. It was cool to see Donovan getting more into the animals, watching them with more interest at each visit. I took a bunch of pictures, but have yet to even touch them. Hopefully I'll get around to that soon. After the zoo we met up with Jenny and walked around Golden Gate Park for a bit. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and everyone seemed to be out. Eventually we left, leaving Andrew there to stay with Jenny for a couple days so he could get some work done at his work's SF office. He came back Thursday morning, after which we ran some errands all together and then in the afternoon drove to Capitola for some beach time. I checked the weather beforehand to see if it'd be foggy and was told it'd be 80F by the afternoon. Sweet, right? Well, I completely forgot about the FREEZING COLD wind, which easily brought the temps down a good 20-30 degrees. But, D got to play with some other kids, we all had some Pizza My Heart, sea gulls almost made away with our bag of kettle corn (was rescued about 20ft away from our towels by a few good samaritans sitting nearby), and stopped in for a coffee/hot chocolate and one of the many local coffee shops (seriously, there were at least 3 I could see just on one corner, though none were Starbucks).

I've been meaning to paint D's wooden table and chairs set from Ikea, but haven't been finding the time... and figured this weekend, with Andrew around, might be a good time to start. So yesterday when Andrew, Zach, and D went to a park in the morning I stayed behind to sand and prime the kid furniture. It took a good bit longer than I expected, too, though turned out ok (so far). This morning they all went to a nearby farm, and I put on the first coat of paint. I imagine I'll need to do another one at some point, maybe I can squeeze that in later today (don't know too much about painting wood but it seems to follow the same model as painting your nails-- base, 2 coats of paint, wait crap do I need a top coat?). Then I'll be needing D's (and Zach's) help to attempt a cute pattern on the table. At least, I hope it'll turn out cute.

Last night Zach and I went out on a little dinner date. I got a chance to dress up and wear a new sleeveless cowl-neck green sweater I just found at Target, and test out this peacock feather headband I bought a couple months ago but haven't had the guts to wear till last night. I dare say I think the ensemble worked. Anyway, dinner was nice-- what a change to actually get to enjoy our food together, at the same time, as opposed to taking turns while the other entertains our active toddler. ; ) My birthday is tomorrow, Andrew flies out early in the morning but then Jenny will drive in-- and promised to stop by Krispy Kreme for donuts on the way. WOOT! =P She's been bugging me for ages to figure out what I want to do to morrow to celebrate, and I'm just too lame to come up with anything. So we may just sit around eating donuts and singing birthday songs. Next year both Zach and I turn 30, we've vowed we'll do something really cool for that so I guess it's ok if this year's pretty tame. ; )


  1. Wait, Jen's driving? Does she have a car now?

    Hey, sitting around eating donuts can be a GREAT way to spend your birthday.

    (And, yes, I think you need a topcoat on the table & chairs. Something glossy, so the paint is smooth, otherwise it'll feel rough? Ask your Lowe's dude.)

  2. What Criss said, plus you need to protect it from all that D will do to it. :0)

    Oh and I agree, it's no easy task to sit with our little ones for every snack and meal. I love using it as 5-8 minutes of me time too, and sometimes I do, but I usually pay the price for it later. And D's only doing one 1-hour nap? Ouch! :-/



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