Tuesday, September 22, 2009

all together now: "awwwww!"

I am seriously loving this picture. Believe it or not, it's from a playdate I had several weeks ago and then completely forgot about till I started organizing my backlog of pictures today and rediscovered it. I'm upset that the picture quality isn't that great-- I took it with my point-and-shoot camera and I think the kens was smudged (possibly from tiny toddler fingers brushing against it). Oh well. It still got captured, and it's still just plain adorable.

Today was indeed better than yesterday. We went to the park again in the morning, only to find maintenance people doing yardwork which apparently involves multiple men yielding very, very loud leaf blowers, pointing them at the sidewalks at random and wandering around aimlessly. After about 30 minutes I threw in the towel and brought us back home-- I was getting annoyed and didn't like exposing D to the noise and fumes. We had swim class later on in the morning, he's been doing pretty well there. All of a sudden he's able to climb out of the pool completely on his own, which probably has something to do with all the climbing he's been doing of the shelf in his room.

Then home, lunch, nap... and of course the one day that I'm planning on his hour nap and waiting for him to wake up b/c we're supposed to meet a friend at 2:30 is the day he sleeps in. Oh, Murphy, you are so amusing! We were 30 minutes late, but thankfully Debbie and lil Maddie didn't seem to mind, and the kiddoes had fun playing at the Palo Alto Junior Museum while we mamas caught up. The museum was cool, a lot of the exhibits are geared to kids older than D is but he still had a lot of fun playing with it all, especially the ones involving tennis balls. They also have a mini zoo in the back, D was really into the turtle and teeny leopard shark.

Traffic wasn't too bad coming back, even though it was 5pm already (yay for the carpool lane!), and then we played a bit before dinner, bath time, and bedtime. He was being super cute in his bath and while getting his pjs on. That kid can sure turn on the charm when he wants to.

And now for the usual race of trying to fix dinner for ourselves, fit in a bit of The Daily Show, time as a couple, and hopefully get to bed by a decent hour (you know, like by 9 or 10pm).


  1. What a great photo, I love it!

  2. awwwwww...i love moments like that. Very cute. Speaking of Murphy, this morning I overslept. Turned the alarm off and slept till 7am. Why is it that both girls slept along with me, when Dana usually wakes up around 6:30. Maddening! We've gotta get Donovan and Dana together to play.



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