Monday, September 14, 2009

364 days left in my 20's

Despite the lack that for the life of me I couldn't decide what I wanted to do to celebrate my birthday this year, yesterday turned out to be pretty fabulous. I didn't get to sleep in much since Andrew's flight was at 8am and so Zach had to drive him to the airport pretty early, but Jenny drove down and arrived at our door around 8:30 or so, bringing a box of Krispy Kreme donuts with her.

We all walked down to the farmers market together and did our food shopping, after which Zach and D walked back home and Jen and I did some clothes shopping at Therapy... where I found an incredibly adorable sorta-retro RED winter coat, and a knock-you-out-sized owl ring (I seem to be on a bit of an owl kick at the moment). Then we grabbed a coffee and just chatted for a while.

We got back home in time to make something for lunch and clean the house up a bit, before a few friends came over in the afternoon to hang out and share the prosecco Zach had bought for the occasion... and also the delicious cupcakes that Julia brought over. Eventually kiddoes needed to get fed and bathed, so everyone left and we got D down to bed before picking up some pizza for us to share for dinner before then Jen had to drive back to SF.

Nothing too grand or spectacular, but a pretty great day overall. =)

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  1. Sounds fabulous! Will you be posting pictures of you new goods? Please please! : )



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