Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Morning, Mr GrumpyPants!

This morning... sucked. It just sucked. I keep thinking Mondays should go smoothly since I've just had the nice weekend and should have refilled my stores of patience and love and all that crap, but in reality they seem to not be much fun.

It all started out last night when I made an effort to get to bed at a decent hour, and praised myself for making sure I got 8 hrs of sleep. And then I laid in bed, awake, unsuccessfully trying to fall asleep for a good hour or more. And then D woke up around 11:30 and I had to go soothe him (didn't take long, but getting out of bed is enough). So there goes my good night of sleep. Then D woke up this morning (6am, as usual!) and I wasn't ready at all for it, and apparently neither was he as he started whining almost right away. *Sigh* We spent 2 hours playing at the park, which helped, and then went and played with his friend down the street, but there was still a good bit of whining on his part, and frustration and even some yelling on mine. I'm not proud of how I handled this morning.

Then D took a nap, and because I was so dead tired myself I took one, too, only to then wake up still feeling tired and groggy. And then I kinda had a mini breakdown, because it's kinda ridiculous just how exhausted I am. I feel bad complaining about this as I have friends with newborn who are still waking up several times a night and I do remember that level of sheer utter exhaustion still, and THANK GOD we're past that because it is debilitating. But I expected that once D started sleeping through the night I'd get my energy back, and sometimes I do but so much of the time I'm still just so damn tired and it seems like there's nothing I can do to fix or change that-- even if I try to get to bed early enough, I either have trouble sleeping (so cruel, seriously), or D wakes up, or just the sheer criminality of having to get up at 6am does it. And there's just no end in sight, which is what's so depressing about it all.

So, um, yeah, that all sucked.

But then it got better in the afternoon. D and I went to the YMCA to swim in the pool, and he has such a blast. He kept making funny faces when he splashed the water (and it'd splash him in the face), and then he kept getting out of the pool, walking around to the steps, walking down the steps into the water, then climbing back out the side, over and over again. And I had to laugh at how cute he was being, and that helped everything feel a lot better. Zach then came home a little bit early from work and we went walking around the block, and it is really impressive how far Donovan can walk if you just let him lead (and that's after getting tired out swimming earlier, too). Now Zach's getting him off to bed, giving me time to blog and maybe, possibly, catch up on some of the pictures I'm so behind on (another recent frustration-- now that D only takes a single, 1hr nap, my daytime free time has dropped significantly and I'm really feeling it). I'm crossing my fingers things go better overall tomorrow.


  1. fingers crossed tomorrow is much better for both you and D.

  2. I'm really sorry. :( Last week was like that for me. Several mini breakdowns (um, from both of us). He had so many tantrums, was possibly teething, and was full on with the you-have-to-be-where-I-can-see-you-at-all-times (I could hardly go to the bathroom or pop onto the computer all week without him chasing after me and crying!). And when I'm grumpy, I have no patience or energy to distract him with new fun things, so then it just gets worse. :( Anyway...aside from being able to relate, I wanted to say that since I'm usually car-less, if you are ever having a I'm-going-to-pull-my-hair-out kind of day, you're more than welcome to come over here (last-minute is fine, seriously, if you don't mind me looking less than fabulous) to just have him in a new environment so you can hopefully sit back and just watch him play for a bit.

  3. I think D and I were on the same wavelength because I felt like mr. grumpy pants too..

    I'm sure the change is routines does make things harder but remember you are working all day long, just not getting paid for your efforts! Well, in time off and affection. :)

    Tomorrow is definitely a new day.

  4. Agghh, I know those days. Tomorrow WILL be a better day.

  5. When I was still in child care, I used to dread Mondays. Dread them. They usually sucked.

    Here's my theory. The weekend routine is so different from the week day routine that it throws very young children into a state of confusion.

    We still do extra things on the weekend becase Daddy is home and that's fun. But I try to keep the routine as similar as possible. It helps.

  6. Just a thought: When he gets up in the morning and still seems cranky/tired what about laying down with him somewhere to cuddle up together? Sometimes I take Mira to my bed in the morning and she and I kind of doze together for an hour or so before getting up. It's very relaxing for both of us.

  7. You know, I said to my husband the other day that I'm finding toddlerhood to be exhausting in a way similar to the newborn days ... There was a lull in there for us from about 5 months onwards that were relatively smooth sailing. But the last month or two has just been hard. My theory is that not only is Finn more active--and thus I have to be more active--but he also is more opinionated so there's more work involved in getting things done.



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