Monday, September 07, 2009

Can you hear me now?

Andrew (Zach's brother and carbon copy... except fo the freckles) is here visiting. He arrived Friday afternoon and is staying through next weekend. His arrival has coincided nicely with the onset of cable TV in our house, and of FOOTBALL SEASONNNNNNN!!!!!!1 meaning so far they've done some good brotherly bonding by watching parts of the 5+ games per day that Zach is recording on the DVR. At least they don't insist on watching the entire games. These two are 6 years apart and are incredibly close, proof that siblings don't have to be super close in age to have a close bond.

We haven't done too much all together so far-- Saturday was devoted to lounging around and football... oh and GETTING NEW PHONES! That's right, we finally got tired with the non-existent cell phone reception we were getting with T-Mobile (to be fair I think we got decent reception most places, just not inside our house. Also for the record, the customer service I got on the phone was great both times I called) so I called and when it was determined that there was nothing they could do to improve our coverage, they agreed to waive the $400 of cancellation fees to break our contract. WOOT! Our neighbors had said they use Verizon and get great reception, and Andrew uses them, too, and has been really happy, so we went there in the late afternoon and managed to get a pretty nice deal (buy 1 get 1 free... after rebates) on our phones. My number got switched over right away and I can already tell how much better the reception is. Unfortunately Zach's apparently in cell phone limbo, his T-Mobile phone no longer in service but his new one not yet working. We may be calling about that this morning.

Sunday we walked down to the farmers market and had talked about then driving to the beach, but that seemed like too much effort. So Zach and Andrew instead went to the YMCA to play some basketball, and later (at Donovan's insistence-- seriously, he kept grabbing my hand and walking me out of the house to go SOMEWHERE ANYWHERE) we all walked to the nearby school to use the playscapes for a bit before dinner, bath, and bedtime.

Everyone's waking up slowly now, and in a couple hours we'll head up to San Francisco to hang out with Jenny and spend some time at the zoo and maybe Golden Gate park, too, depending on weather. Yay for holidays. =)

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  1. Holy cow, they do look like twins!



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