Wednesday, September 23, 2009

...grant me patience...

It is alarming how easily he can push my buttons and get me so frustrated and mad... but also amazing how quickly he can also fill my heart with wonder and awe. I realize that while he definitely is difficult to deal with at times, at least a decent chunk of the problem is me not being patient and flexible enough. Each day, each moment, is a new chance to do better. I cross my fingers hoping I'm doing a good enough job, and rejoice in knowing that kids are so damn resilient that even with all the mistakes I have/will make he'll probably still turn out pretty ok.


  1. I think you are crazy because every picture you post of him he is so cute and happy and sweet looking. I find it hard to believe he is EVER whiney! Ha will totally get through it Marcy. We all have moments where we want to pull our hair out. When I talk with more experienced parents they all say the same thing, consistency and follow through are the most important. I really try to follow that advice, it's not always easy though. Seriosuly though, D looks like a little angel in all his pics.

  2. Lemme tell ya, I blazed a trail a mile wide down the impatient mom path. Poor R. should be traumatized by all the times I've lost my temper. I do better and she does better, but there were times when I flat out didn't like her. Loved her always, but boy could she push every button.

  3. ***HUGSSSS***

    Maybe you could get a Cabbage Patch Kid that kind of looks like D, and when you're really, really frustrated you could defenestrate the doll instead of the actual kid. Would that help?

  4. Awww, I totally understand. I'm sure you're a great mom! I have gone through many times when I just beat myself up for being a bad parent because A was behaving a certain way (and everyone would tell me what I was doing wrong, which was often contradictory advice).

    You'll both figure it out. There's a steep learning curve, but he certainly looks happy!

  5. Out of curiosity, what is that all over the floor that he is playing with?

  6. are those bubbles??



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