Saturday, September 19, 2009

girlie day

This morning I got to go to a makeup show at Nordstroms with a few girlfriends. They do these shows every year, I think both in the fall and spring. You show up at the mall at 8am, watch a show for 2 hours where they talk about new beauty trends and new products by the various up-scale brands, they give away prizes and stuff, and then afterwards you can go get your makeup done. I've gone a few times before, and it's good fun-- an excuse to hang out and have someone put way too much makeup on you and then spend too much money buying products afterwards, but a fun excuse to try something new nonetheless. And, most importantly, an excuse to have some girlie time away from home... and then hubby, and the kiddo. ; )

I got to try out Philosophy's microdelivery peel, my first attempt at a peel ever as I've always been a bit scared they'd make your skin fall off. Instead it didn't seem much different from a scrub, and my skin did feel pretty nice afterwards. I didn't get it, but did get talked into buying a small vial of vitamin c powder that you mix with your moisturizer (when I showed it to Zach later, classic engineer that he is, reminded me I probably could have bought straight vitamin c powder for a fraction of the price from a lab... whatevs). I then had an appointment with Bare Escentuals for my makeup. I wasn't too crazy about the look she gave me (though everyone else complimented me on it so I guess it wasn't all bad-- though that seems to be how it always goes, everyone hates their own look but others think they look fine) but I still ended up buying a bunch of stuff that I did like, and kinda need since I recently weeded out most of my old makeup. I was very tempted to get their new matte mineral foundation (they out it on me at 11am, and at 8:30 pm it still looks fabulous) but I still have plenty left of my current stuff so I think I'll wait.

I unfortunately then came home to a cranky Donovan and, as a result, a slightly frazzled Zach. D's been waking up either in the middle of the night, or just super early in the morning, a bunch lately-- including last night when he woke up around 11 and I don't think got back to sleep till 1am or later. Not fun. Perhaps he's working on some new developmental milestone or something and that's messing with his sleep, whatever it is I hope it passes soon because tired kiddo = grumpy kiddo = mommy sometimes wants to toss him out the window. At the moment Zach is unwinding by watching FOOTBALL! D went down to sleep easily and quickly, and I'm hoping he rests well tonight and is in a better mood tomorrow. We shall see. If nothing else, I have some brand new concealer to help hide the dark blue circles from being up all night with him.


  1. Congrats on taking some me time and having a girlie day!

  2. But if you bought the Vitamin C straight from a lab, it would come in a pretty bottle!

    Men just don't get it.

  3. what a fun day! i went to nordstrom later in the day and it was still sooo packed, makeup debris everywhere. :)

  4. Please do not defenestrate my nephew. That would be most uncool.



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