Thursday, December 11, 2008

seventh schmeaven

Anyone remember that show "Seventh Heaven," the uber-cheesy one about the preacher and his wife who had 7 kids? I watched one episode once where the mom mentioned how she learned one new skill, like playing piano or learning a language, for each child when they were born.


Not that that show was exactly the mark of realistic television (Ruthie, the youngest, had much darker hair and skin color than all her older siblings... suspicious much?). And I realize they're fictional characters. But still, c'mon. I only have one kid and I hardly have time to read more than 2 pages of a book at a time. You're REALLY gonna pretend you spend the insane number of hours it takes to master a new language while also taking care of a bunch of kids? Seriously?

I've got these long to-do lists, projects I want to do, that sit around for months with little or no progress. I need to finish backing up our music, and finish organizing the files which basically means finish moving them over to the terabyte and then clearing most off the laptop. There's pictures I've been meaning to print for D's room, and now that I've got Lightroom I also want to figure out a decent organizational structure for photos and get to tagging them, a task that will take enormous amounts of time(I manage to take tons of pictures, now I need the time to figure out what to do with them...). Yet days go by, and things don't get done. In the words of my aunt, "Did you ever imagine you'd be so busy without feeling like you got anything done?" I know, taking care of my little guy is a huge accomplishment, and his development and care is more important than most of these other little things. At the same time, it's also nice to have a bit of time to devote to hobbies every once in a while.

In a week we'll be going back to Texas for christmas break, and I do plan on making the most of eager grandparents. Hopefully I'll then be able to accomplish a few things. For now, I'll finish throwing this blog post together and finish uploading thanksgiving pictures to Snapfish (which should've been uploaded a week or 2 ago), all while scolding myself for not being in bed yet. Goodnight, everyone.

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  1. I think you have accomplished a lot already. I actually ask myself how do you actually get all of those photos done and uploaded also!

    Really when you look back at it all, I think you do more already than you give yourself credit for! :) Of course, free time for yourself is always nice.



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