Friday, December 26, 2008


The other day I received an email from a friend saying that, a camera equipment rental site, was having a holiday special of extending any rentals by one week. I immediately jumped at the chance, and after looking through a few lens options (many of which were already all rented out) I figured I'd rent a flash. I hardly ever need flash at home, but here while visiting family we spend much more time indoors, in less-well-lit houses, so what better time to experiment with using extra lighting, right? BTW I must say I'm really impressed by the service so far-- I put in my order late afternoon on the 23rd, and chose 2-day shipping. Knowing they'd be closed on the 24th and 25th I didn't expect the flash to ship out till the day after christmas. To my surprise, I got a shipping confirmation email just a few hours later, and the flash arrived today. Woot!

Knowing next to nothing about properly using one of these things, I got mixed results over at my dad's this evening. Afterwards I started doing a bit of homework, though, reading some good tips online and testing out different settings. And after watching this video, I'm kinda psyched about making a bounce card and testing that out tomorrow.

Unfortunately it is now 11:30pm, and I desperately need to get to bed as tomorrow will be a bit of a big day. And there's no telling how D's sleep will be tonight... that one night of 10 solid hours of sleep was apparently a big fluke, possibly caused by the lack of sleep the night before since we'd flown in so late, and since then he's been waking at least once which wouldn't be so bad if he didn't somehow manage to time it so my sleep is still broken up into increments of no more than about 4 hours. I know, I know, much better than 2 or 3, but can't a tired mom dream?


  1. i picked up my 10-20mm rental yesterday (kind of a snafu) but i love the lens. glad you're liking the flash, too!

  2. So how did your first foray into bounce flash photography work out? :)

    Neil vN



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