Tuesday, December 16, 2008

blogger templates

I've had some variation of this same template for the past almost-five years that I've had this blogspot blog, and every so often I'll struggle with changing it. I've grown kind of attached to the blue and green dots, but at the same time I sometimes want something new. Unfortunately blogger's own templates leave a bit to be desired, and past searches for third-party templates haven't been too fruitful. Recently I found Our Blogger Templates, though and was kinda blown away. Unlike most other blogger templates that require you to go into the HTML or XML to change colors or fonts, etc, the templates over there allow you to change almost all the colors and fonts using blogspot's own fonts and colors tools. How easy is that. So you just need to find a template with the right number of columns of the approximate right dimensions, and everything else (colors, fonts, header picture) can be customized to your liking. I'm still debating on changing this blog's template, but D's has been bugging me for a while so during one of his naps today I gave his blog a makeover. I think I like it. =)

I also later found Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates, with its whole array of friggin gorgeous free templates. I've been wanting to go with my own photo header, but honestly there's about 10 different templates at Simply Fabulous that I want to use b/c they're so beautiful and cute and funky.

Anyway, so for you other blogger users out there, if you've shared my frustration over trying to find non-blah templates for your blog, hopefully you'll appreciate these 2 sites.


  1. i like donovan's new layout!

  2. I also love Donovan's template. I used them to tinker with mine and specialized mine out with the ourblogtemplates also.... I totally like the specialization...

  3. I used a "Our Blog Templates" template and was really satisfied with it. I was terrified of losing all the widgets and things going haywire though! Donovo's layout looks awesome! Did you play with the colors at all?



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