Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008, pt1

An assortment of photos, revolving of course around little D. These go up through Christmas Eve:

This has become a routine part of mealtime lately-- D will push himself away from the table just enough so he can prop his feet up on the edge. It would be gross, except his baby feet are just so damn adorable.

This was Philip and Kevan's joint birthday party. I know this photo is somewhat terrible, technically-- the color's off and it's blurry, etc. But there's something about it that I just love, regardless. I think maybe it's that the blurryness helps capture the delightful hectiness that are birthday parties in our family. (after all, check out how big of a "simple" party it was...)

Future pianist? When do the suzuki classes begin?

Singing carols with Mom and Philip on christmas eve.

Love this photo, and how D's hair is blowing in the wind. =P

We let D play in the sand volleyball court at the park. I wasn't sure he'd like the sand, but he took to it right away.

Walking back and forth on the sidewalk with my dad. He and Zach's dad took turns doing this. Afterwards, D took a 1.5hr nap. I think he was pooped. (hmm perhaps we should make him walk more often...)

Christmas Eve service. I've always loved how the church looks when lit by all the candles.


  1. Ah, so cute. Donovan will just have to learn how to wash his hands AND feet before dinner!

  2. Oh yeah. And research has shown that as much exercise and natural sunlight as possible between the hours of 1-4 pm will help children sleep at night.

    I am religious about taking Global Baby outside for a long walk (at least an hour) every afternoon unless it is raining. On the days we cannot go outside, he does not sleep as well at night...

  3. I'm happy to learn about GL's comment... Those photos are so adorable.. There are two that are my fav's and have made comments from flickr... Adorable!!! and warm!



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