Sunday, December 21, 2008

running out of generic blog titles to use for first texas travel update posts

So we're here in Texas, the flight went well enough and we're settled in at my in-laws for the week. All grandparents are ecstatic about being around the little guy again, and D is seeming more comfortable and relaxed than he did even at Thanksgiving. I guess he must remember the people and places. It's almost striking to note, how in November he seemed to need me as a safety net a lot more and this time even on the first day he was much more ok and independent. My how they grow, eh?

I've got a whole arsenal of sippy cups that we're trying with him (it's amusingly ironic how much money I've spent on baby bottles and sippy cups, compared to how much actual use we've gotten from them). He's actually taken an ounce or 2 of formula here and there. It's pretty sporadic, but progress nonetheless, right? Also last night he slept for TEN HOURS STRAIGHT, which might be a first ever. Of course it happened on the night that both Zach and I stayed up past midnight picking Jenny up at the airport, but whatevs. Here's hoping it happens again.

More updates to come soon, we only just tonight got the internet set up on our laptop here and so I wanted to do some quick catching up but also want to get to bed early-ish tonight. Only four days till Christmas!!!!


  1. It sounds like you are so excited to be in texas! :) I'm excited to see all of the snow outside.. It does remind me of Switzerland.

  2. P.s.... Blog titles? Mine was More snow then.. Even more snow! haha - not so creative at all..



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