Monday, December 01, 2008


Had a great last day in Texas. Hung out with Zach's parents most of the day, took D to a playground and was surprised by how windy it was... and then by how insanely adorable D looked in his windbreaker, pompom hat, and sunglasses (never fear, I have about 1,000 pictures of it all). It's always a bit sad to leave, as I know how much our parents adore being around our little guy, but this time we know we'll be back in just 3 weeks for christmas.

We manages to get the exact same seats for this flight as we got on the flight to Texas-- right up against a wall, meaning we couldn't lean back. I spent most of the flight with the person in front of me leaned back partially, me unable to do the same, and D trying to sleep in my arms but having a hard time getting comfortable. He did sleep a good bit, but kept wriggling and shifting and I just felt bad for him as I'm sure he got crap quality sleep. But, he was happy. And as I listened to two other babies on the plane crying, I was quite glad for our sleeping/happy guy.

Now we'll see how sleepy and happy he is back in his own room. His sleep has been mildly horrendous the past week, particularly the past few nights. My theory is that with so much going on every day his brain had a hard time shutting down, and maybe now that we're back at home he'll be able to rest better. I sure as hell hope so, anyway. While at home people often asked me if D was sleeping through the night, and I'd say, "Um, not really." They'd respond with, "Oh, so he's waking up, what, once a night?" Which made me laugh. At least we had my mom around, who was more than glad to wake up at 5am with him so Zach and I could get a couple more hours of sleep.

One final random thought before I collapse in bed. Danyelle showed me the Beyonce & Justin Timberlake SNL skit the other night. Unfortunately as a result I've had her song Single Ladies stuck in my head for days. It's a fun and catchy song and all, but um seriously. Tomorrow D and I will have to pull out my christmas music and see if we can do something about that.


  1. oh man, thank you for the link to the video. i needed that. cannot wait to be home for three whole saturdays!

  2. Can't wait to see the 1000 photos. I haven't even begun downloading from last week. Maybe this weekend when priorities are finished.




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