Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dry Baby Skin?

Had our housewarming party today, seemed to be a success. It's fun to see everyone, even if the large gathering makes it difficult to talk to anyone for too long (especially when you're also watching a wee one, who's grown quite attached to mommy in recent weeks). It was also a great motivator for cleaning up our place, and the living room finally looks as open and clear as we've been meaning for it to be since moving in. Hopefully it stays that way.

I have a question for the mommies: D's skin is starting to feel really dry (particularly his arms). I've been using California Baby everyday lotion every night after his bath, but it doesn't seem to be cutting it. Can anyone recommend a good, thick baby lotion for these dry winter months?


  1. Endi has the same..doc said use any lotion in a tub (anything in a pump means it is not thick enough to do the job). We just got the store brand of what people usually use for exema (sp?)...and it has been working. Trader joes or Kroger have a good selection, not specifically for babies though...

  2. Olive oil. Seriously. The really good quality EEV stuff.

    Due to the extremely hard water in Switzerland Global Baby's skin has suffered. The pediatrician recommended good quality olive oil after every bath. And it works amazingly well. I've even started using it on myself!

    Just a teensy bit works wonders and the bonus is that Global Baby LOVES the baby massage and after-bath naked play time. After the massage I'll let him play naked on a towel until the oil soaks in before I put his diaper and clothes on.

    If you don't care for the smell of olive oil, any all natural, essential oil will work. But olive oil is easy and (relatively) inexpensive to purchase from any grocery store.

  3. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Our pedi recommended creamy petroleum jelly. It had done a really great job on our sons skin. And my hands!

  4. My daughter has been having the same issue. I'd like to get Earth Mama Angel Baby Moisturizer (rates very low on Skin Deep's site) but have to find it. Whole Foods never seems to have it.

    I've also been trying to find something really good for myself that rates low also. Anyone have any suggestions?

  5. We use Eucerin, it works very well. I like the pump.

    If he is seriously chapped Aquaphor is the way to go. They even use it in the NICU.



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