Monday, November 24, 2008

Texas Playdates

We met up with a few friends here in town this afternoon. It was fun to get the kids together, and to see little Marissa who's now 2 (last time we saw her, which was also the first time, she was 4 months old)... and D loved being in a new house with a bunch of new toys. He also wowed everyone with his recently-acquired crawling skills! Yup, he's full-on crawling, up on his hands and knees, as of Saturday. It just all of a sudden clicked, and now he's crawling everywhere. I think I got good pictures, but I haven't looked at them yet other than on the camera display screen so we'll see how they turned out.

D's been amazing with all these people and events and change, playing happily and hanging out with people. I think separation anxiety is starting, though, or at least that preference for mama. He'll play without me for a bit, but every so often he'll need to check in with me and cuddle a bit, and then he'll be ok. But if I've been out of the room and then I walk in and out again, he doesn't take kindly to that. So I've been needing to stick kinda close by even as he plays with his grandparents and aunts and uncles, and hopefully he'll get more comfortable with them in the coming days and then again at christmas. I will say the expression on his face when he does see me is pretty priceless. =)

D went down to bed about 1.5 hours ago, so I think I'll retire now to read a bit (Benjamin kindly lent me his copy of Understanding Exposure, I just started it today) and then get on to bed. The kiddo is getting used to the crib, but still isn't sleeping the best (there may be a new set of teeth coming in?). And so I continue to be very tired. It always used to astound me when I read statistics about how big a percentage of our population was sleep deprived... now I know that most of them, are probably parents.


  1. t-9 days to taco bell2:29 AM

    let me know how that book is...i have it on my to read list.
    hope you are having a great time in austin. sounds like it!
    p.s. email me your phone number in Cali so that i can call you while i am in the states and catch up, k?

  2. You haven't exactly alluded to Zach being with you yet. I'm wondering if you can test the separation anxiety thing with you out of the room and Zach taking over your part? Maybe that would help. I'm sure being around others right now is a great thing for the big D! And well congrats on all the new lovely joys of crawling and getting into more things.. :)

    Sounds like you are having so much fun!



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