Monday, November 10, 2008

Needing Space

ivy league
After one too many annoying instances of uploading new pictures only to be told that harddrive space was low, and constantly hovering on filling up the last 1-5 gigs of space, we finally broke down and bought a terabyte external drive for backing up and file storage. The thing that's so amusing to me, is I vividly remember getting my first computer when I graduated high school, 10 years ago, and it had a 4G hard drive which at the time was HUGE. Compared to today when it is roughly the size of the memory card I was told I should carry TWO of for my camera if I want to try shooting RAW. Or smaller than each of the DVDs in the huge stack sitting next to me, that I have used as yet another back-up method.

But anyway. So, desperately needed more space, then went out and bought it. We now have ridiculous amounts of back-up options. We're signed up with Carbonite, a web service that is constantly backing up out hard drive in case it conks out or, say, the house burns down. We're also fully backed up on the terabyte drive, which will ghost our hard drive from time to time as well as host all our video, photo, and music files to free up space on our "puny" laptop 80G drive. And then there's the aforementioned huge stack of DVDs that are serving as a second backup of our video, photo, and music files (actually I need to finish backing up the music....). Add to that that all of our videos are also up on youtube, and photos on Snapfish and flickr, and really we should be pretty set for any sort of disaster. Yet I still feel nervous deleting files off the main drive. I guess that pack-rat mentality extends to all areas, even the virtual. BUT I managed to clear off most of our videos and pictures, which means we now have 40G of free space on the laptop. WOOT! Now we just have to keep up the organization scheme and keep on top of the backing up and we'll be set. Till we run out of space again. Which hopefully won't be for a while.

The photo above is of some of the ivy growing on the fence outside our back door. A couple weekends ago I happened to look out in the morning and the sun was hitting the wet leaves in a way that was just striking, and then lightroom allowed me to bring out the beauty even more. I'm quite proud of this one. =)

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  1. My first computer wasn't even one GB. GBs still seem huge to me... I don't know what my laptop holds, but when a student had a 1GB flash drive, I was awed. It was like she was too young to have that much storage space - kind of like giving a teenager a new car.

    Sometimes, technology makes me feel old...



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