Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I'm trying to think more about composition in pictures. I've joined a few flickr groups that are geared towards giving and receiving good feedback (this one's great, this one is good, too, and this other one has fabulous discussions always). I like the challenge of dissecting what it is I like and dislike about other people's photos, and it's really interesting to hear what others think of mine. It's great to hear when others like what I've taken and for the same reasons, but I'm also taking in the criticism, the details that I didn't think of or even notice myself. One thing that's come up a few times is my composition. I know I need to spend more time thinking about that-- what do I want a photo to focus on, where is the eye drawn, am I following the rule of thirds, and do I want to? etc... At the same time, when my subject is a wriggly infant who's always on the move I don't exactly have time to stop and analyze the photo's composition before clicking the shutter, or tell him to get back to this one position so I can try to shoot that again (though I guess that's the argument for taking good, crisp photos to start with and then cropping them later).

Next week we'll be in Texas for Thanksgiving. Then we'll spend 2 weeks there again for Christmas and New Years. I've had a couple photography books sitting on my amazon wishlist for a while, waiting for me to get around to buying them... The best time for reading will probably be in Texas when I'll have plenty of family fighting over who can watch Donovan and thus let me get away, so maybe I'll grab one or 2 of those books for the holidays and get some reading in...


  1. Marcy,

    I have the Understanding Exposure book. You're welcome to borrow it if you want, but it's not bad to have your own copy to use as a reference. In general, it's a good book. If you understand the basics of exposure already, a lot of the material is not too useful, but there are some good nuggets in there. That's a common frustration I have with photo books - the overlap.

    I'm also always interested in getting feedback on my photos. Thanks for pointing me to those flickr groups! I'll give them a shot. I wonder if we could get our photo enthusiast friends (Cy, Bee, you, me,...) to do semi-regular photo critique sessions. Not like the marathon "let us show you the 1500 pictures we took on vacation" session we had at our house though :). Would you be interested?

    - Benjamin

  2. You know, the best online feedback and learning I have had online. I agree that I have learned so much from flickr and I've also found a few other links online...

    For me, I'd rather make a book up of my own photos than buy another book, but I haven't seen your book choices so maybe my mind would change. ;-)

    Great pic there!

  3. Well, the books are more "how-to" photography books, not books of photographs.

  4. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Bring several books. You read. Give me baby.

  5. jessicaisjealous5:28 AM

    lucky girl!! i would totally be interested in critiquing sessions too.
    i have to email you...



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