Friday, November 14, 2008

assorted updates

Donovan weight update: The other night I remembered that we actually have a scale, and that I could use it to weigh Donovan. It claimed that he weighs 8.5kg (it's our swiss scale, thus metric), roughly 18lb 11oz. That's an 18oz (1lb2oz) gain over the last 6 weeks since his last weigh-in. He's still down in the 20% or so for his age, but he's back to gaining the recommended amount per week. I guess he just had a month or 2 where his weight really slowed due to extra activity, and then since then it's gone back to normal... and he'll just be a skinny kid for now. I don't mind, as long as he keeps those delicious cheeks and double chin for a while longer. =P

Non-weight-related D update: Poor little D seems to have a cold. Let's just say, his little nose runneth over. He seems in decent spirits still, though. He's been super cuddly lately, and I don't think it's just from possibly not feeling well today. He'll just crawl on over to me and rest his head on me. So sweet. =) It's so, so nice getting to this stage where he's able to show more deliberate affection.

Settling-in update: I've been slowly organizing things at home and trying to decorate a bit. I've managed to hang a few pictures up, and for the most part things look fairly neat. I'm really trying hard not to let clutter take over, to establish places for things and try to clear out clutter-prone spaces at the end of every day, or couple of days at most. Unfortunately I'm looking around today and things don't look so good, but they did just a day or 2 ago and I guess I'll be spending a few minutes on it again tonight. The nice thing is as long as I get to it before it gets too bad it only takes 10 minutes or so to sort through.

I am having trouble figuring out just what to do with D's room. I've moved the furniture around to all sorts of combination, I think I've found one that I like well enough. And the other day I put up these adorable vinyl wall decals that I bought from the Single Stone Studios etsy shop. But there's one wall that still looks so...bare. And immensely so. I don't know why it bothers me more than other bare walls in the house, maybe b/c D's furniture is all lower than the rest of the house's and so there's just more wall exposed? I did buy a couple frames at Target today, I'll try hanging those (and maybe try to also find a cute bulletin board? hmmm) and see how that looks.

Etsy update: I took the sage advice everyone gave, and raised my prices. Single cards are now $3.50 each. I also added a few card sets to the shop (baby, floral, and nature themes). I recently got in my rigid mailers, and then realized they're perfect for decorating, so here's a sneak peek at my card packaging. =)


PS- I started writing this post at 2pm. It's taken 4 hours to get enough bits of time to finish it.

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