Wednesday, November 19, 2008

munch munch

The other day I was eating a pear, and D became extremely interested. As in, he wanted it, and was not going to hear otherwise. He's done this repeatedly with apples (I cannot eat an apple in front of him without him wanting some) but I guess he's a fan of pears, too. So I let him chew on the core for a while. I love the sound his little teeth make crunching on the flesh of the pear (though it also makes me worried he'll bite off a decent piece and choke, thus I watched him like a hawk the whole time).

Feedings with him are pretty hit-or-miss. I don't know if it's his cold or what, but lately he's been all about the cheerios, bread, and Gerber puffs, but most of the time won't touch anything I try to give him by spoon or with my hands, or even other foods I put on his tray for him to pick up with his fingers. But then randomly he'll devour whatever I give him. I've tried to look for patterns, and there are certain foods he tends to really like (sweet potatoes, peach, apple...) but even these will be turned away at times. And for the most part, what he eats and when seems so random. Some days he'll be all about purees, others will refuse anything that isn't a grain or that he can't pick up himself. And yet other days he'll happily eat cut-up pieces of food off my fork. It can be frustrating, but I try not to let that show or get to me as I don't want meals to become tedious or unfun. But it also makes it hard to be moti9vated to make food for him, as half the time it gets wasted (or eaten by me). If we have leftovers that are suitable for him to eat I'll give him those, but otherwise I reach for the convenience of the jar. I did find that Whole Foods carries a brand of baby food called Homemade Baby Food that's refrigerated and actually has an expiration date (imagine that!) and, well, tastes more like real food than most jarred kinds. So I buy that sometimes (when I make my way to Whole Foods). He does always eat his cheerios, and gets plenty of those... hopefully it's not too bad a thing if they make up quite the bulk of his solid foods diet.

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  1. I say try making up more purees ahead of time and then do the same thing that whole foods does. I know it's easier to say since I don't have this feeding responsibility..

    My thought is that kids know what they want and if they don't eat, it's not all that bad... But that's all coming from a non-parent but well versed caregiver...



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