Saturday, November 08, 2008


Today was the second weekend in a row that I pulled out the Aunt Jemima complete pancake mix and whipped a batch for all of us to enjoy. I did add bananas this time. Donovan seemed pretty into the pancakes. I must say I kinda hope we keep this up, as I like the idea of having one weekend day when we all sit together and enjoy a nice breakfast. Zach and I have always enjoyed this weekend morning routine, complete with a nice cup of tea and maybe a KGSR broadcasts CD playing or if it's Sunday, tuning in to KFOG's acoustic sunrise. Then tomorrow as long as the weather holds up we'll head down to the farmer's market for shopping and maybe breakfast as well. That's one ritual I'm so glad to have back again.

Our city was having a special on compost bins this weekend so Zach went a got us one and now it's all set up in the back patio already working on composting some leaves and a couple of D's gdiaper inserts. Yay! Our toilet here doesn't really handle the inserts very well, so we've been throwing them away, which I know is still supposed to be better than regular diapers but still. Knowing that they now will be turned into compost (at least the non-poopy ones) feels so much better, like we really are doing something positive by using the gdiapers. Other than D's bottom looking cuter. =P Zach is really excited about having a compost pile now. I'd forgotten that his parents have always had one, so he grew up with that habit of composting, which was renewed in Switzerland, and since then throwing away compostable foods, etc, has felt like such a waste to him, I guess.

In the afternoon we walked down to the downtown area and snagged used copies of A Light in the Attic and Are You Ready to Play Outside? (SUPER cute book) at the local bookstore. Not that he needs any more books. He's got a ton of books already, and we have memberships now at 2 local libraries. But I have such a hard time saying no to buying books for him. Which I guess might not be a terrible thing, I just need to keep it somewhat in check. Anyway, D was enthralled by the cat that lives in the store. =) We then came home and noticed that it was 5:30 and D had never fallen asleep in the stroller like we'd hoped, and thus had been up since 1:30pm, and I'm kind of in awe that the rest of the evening didn't go worse considering how tired he must've been. By the time I was getting him in his pj's he was pretty darn ready to go to bed.

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  1. Thanks to you, we are eating pancakes right now!!



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