Monday, November 03, 2008

Today was quite the productive day, I got a lot done during each of D's naps. As such, I am somewhat exhausted, though. BUT I can now announce that my etsy shop is up and running. WOOT! =) So head and over and take a look.

I have several cards up for sale, most of them featuring photos in a nature motif. I did manage to add a couple chanchito cards at the end, and I hope to do more of a series of these in the near future. I'm also planning to add photo cards with cats, and possibly also some with photos of our village and other shots from European cities.... and of course I think I'll have to do a christmas/holidays series. All the listings are individual cards right now, but soon I'll have sets of 4-8 (or more?) cards for sale, too.

By the way, the paper for the cards and envelopes is 100% recycled, so my cards are not only purty, they're "green," too. =P

I would love feedback, I'm trying to figure out what's marketable and what appeals to people. Are pictures of flowers still good, or are they overdone? What photo cards do you really love, and which ones don't seem like anything you'd want to send anyone? And so on. Send me email at mightymarce at gmail dot com with any thoughts, ideas, criticism, etc. Oh, and if you'd like to spread the word, that would be great, too. =)



  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOVEEE the cloud one especially. As soon as I have money in the bank, I'm ordering it. It's gorgeous, and I love clouds. I personally wouldn't give people flower cards, even though they're gorgeous. But I DO love the bee one, and would give that to someone for sure. Hmm...I also like the wooden truck with Donovan making an appearance in the background. Spectacular!

  2. Anonymous9:31 PM

    I like the ones with text. I think that makes them "different" from traditional cards.

    You picked very fitting/cute sayings - the new little piggies is AWESOME (I was going to buy it, but then I say you only had one... there are two couples in our church who had babies recently(ish), and I wanted to send them that card - can I "special order" two?)

    The Hudsons quote is great, too. I like the flower ones, but if you're worried about it being "done" you could find quotes that would go with them... I'll keep my eyes open for things to write on them.

    You could even write stuff in French or Spanish on them! Offer different options... I have several postcards with quotes from Dali and Picasso, and they sold them in Spanish and French (I guess they had English too, but I didn't buy those... :P )

    The site looks awesome!!!

  3. the shop looks great!

  4. It looks great!
    Where are you getting the cards printed??



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