Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

For some reason even with all this family around I've been stuck in the mentality of needing to be around Donovan, and thus not taking advantage of time away. Then I realized that while he does sometimes cry when I walk away, and usually cries if he seems me out of the blue and I don't go straight to him, he otherwise actually does really well with other people (especially if I stay out of sight).

Soooo.... I went out this morning for a bit of shopping. On my own. By myself. No baby. I'd seen ads that Old Navy would have their jeans for half-price, which seemed like a perfect excuse to finally get me some pants that actually fit me. And at $15 each, if I on,y wear them for a few months and then outgrow them (I do expect some weight to creep back on once I'm n longer burning hundreds of calories a day feeding an infant) it won't be that big a loss. And I might as well enjoy being this skinny and wear clothes that make the most of it. ; ) I was scared the crowds would be horrid, but when I pulled up to the parking lot at about 9am it was surpisingly empty, and inside the store it looked about as packed as on any other day. I scored 2 pairs of jeans ($15/ea), 2 pairs of pants ($8, $10) and 3 pj sets ($3, $6) for D in the next size up, and a super cute jacket that just kept calling my name for $35. I've already gotten 2 compliments from complete stra ngers on the jacket, so I'm pretty pleased.

Zach and his brother wanted to go check out the craziness at the mall, so they're there right now with their parents, and D. So I'm at home on my own, taking advantage of more alone time. Feels pretty nice.

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    Nicole Richie's daughter has the same giraffe as Donovan!



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