Friday, September 03, 2010

Video: Reflections of Motherhood

I saw this video recently, and just had to share it.  It is beautiful, touching, literally brought tears to my eyes. asked mothers what advice they wish they could go back in time to share with themselves, before their first child was born.  This is the result.


  1. LOVE this!

    (Much of this advice applies to women, period. We expect too much of ourselves... and once one hits motherhood, those expectations increase by a billion.)

  2. LOVED it! I cried, too.

    They were all so true...especially the one about your child getting sick and staying up, just watching him breathe. How many times I have snuck into Abbey's room after bedtime, or when she sleeps in in the morning (rare) just to make sure she's ok!

    Lovely, Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna have to repost this on my blog :)



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