Tuesday, September 07, 2010

our mid-week mini-weekend

Today may be Tuesday, but it's felt like a Sunday all day long, meaning my whole week will feel all off.  But, it will feel like a short one, so that'll be nice. ; )

Zach left Friday evening to spend the night in SF with his brother, then fly to Texas on Saturday for a friend's wedding.  Sounds like he had a lot of fun, and was probably nice to have a trip where he could just focus on seeing friends rather than our usual family-centric trips.  I do find it amusing how it's acceptable for him to go to Austin on his own, but if I were to plan a trip there and not bring D with me there would likely be mutiny from the grandparents. ; )

He flew back to CA Monday evening, getting home long after I'd gone to bed.  Being the wonderful, thoughtful husband that he is, he planned to take today off to spend with us to make up for having been gone for 3 days.  Hence, why today felt like a Sunday.  It was a pretty nice day-- the 3 of us headed out to a park for a playdate with my mom's group, then D got to show Zach his mad shopping skills at Trader Joe's as he pushed his kid-sized shopping cart through the store.  He conked out for a good nap, and then the 2 of them visited the railroad museum for the afternoon.

A few days ago the chain on D's bike came off its track, so when they got back from the museum Zach set to work trying to fix it and tighten up some stuff that had wiggled loose over time.  D worked diligently by his side, tinkering and banging the bike with his 2 screwdrivers and a wrench.  Zach told me later he was having trouble doing any work on the bike, since D was being so darn cute and kept making him laugh! But, the bike is now fixed, and we took it on one "victory lap" around the block before heading back and making dinner.

So now it's just a 3-day week before the weekend again, and then.... (dun dun duuuun) on Monday is my BIRTHDAY!  This is my last week as a 20-something.  It is also the last week of my 2nd trimester.  I'm not sure we'll even do much for my actual birthday (Zach is supposed to be planning a kid-free weekend get-away for us that will likely take place sometime in October).  I'm not terribly excited about the day itself since it'll likely be pretty low-key, but I'm also not dreading it or anything.  I figure life's been pretty good so far, and I don't see why turning 30 should change that.


  1. (Just wanted to point out, at least one set of grandparents didn't know Zach was going to be in town... so they drove up to see their next grandson-to-be :P )

    Yay for a fun mid-week weekend! And TRAINS! And BIKES!

    (PS: as far as I can tell, the 30s aren't that bad.)

  2. Happy Early bday - You turn the big 30 the same week as my brother. They are having a big shin dig I guess...

    I hope that you get to have a fun weekend sans D! I'm in my 30's and well I think they are better overall..



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