Monday, September 20, 2010

for shame

Ever since D was born I feel like I've been so scatterbrained as far as our cats' health goes.  It doesn't help that for the past several years pretty much anytime one of them is due for shots or a check-up we're in a new place and have to find a new vet, which I always procrastinate with...  But, still.  I used to stay on top of vaccination schedules and vet visits, and ever since a baby came out of my body I can't seem to keep track of any of that stuff.

It hasn't been that big a deal most of the time, since Sierra has been in such good health, and as an indoor cat her vaccines aren't as important.  But then last year we a) adopted Nev, and b) when I took them both to the vet for their check-ups (and Sierra's past-due shots) I found out her teeth were falling out and we hadn't even noticed.  We followed up with the treatments they recommended, and once that was done and both cats were up to date (or so I thought) on their shots, I put vet visits out of my mind again for a while.

Then the other night I took this great picture of Sierra mid-yawn.

 I was so proud of having caught that photo...  then I looked at the picture blown-up on the computer screen and realized her gums are swollen again (see her top left fang?), and she may have even lost another couple teeth.  I feel terrible for her, especially how apparently this condition is very painful (she must be a very stoic cat, hasn't shown any signs of discomfort and is even eating normally and everything).  I've been meaning to find a vet since the cats probably needed an update on their shots now that Nev's going outside part-time, so I went to look up their records to see what they each may need and how urgently, when I realized that Nev never got her rabies booster last year.

I guess between juggling a toddler, two cats, and the news that one of them was losing her teeth at that last appointment, they either forgot to mention or I completely missed that I needed to go back again to get that last rabies booster shot for Nev.


So first thing this morning I called a local vet and made appointments for both kitties for tomorrow morning.  Till then, Nev is staying indoors (she'll probably start beating up on Sierra by afternoon... ), and I'm preparing to get yelled at by the vet for being such a neglectful pet owner.  =(

UPDATE (9/21): So the kitties and I went to the vet this morning.  Other than Sierra's teeth, they both checked out healthy and fine. Both weighed in at about 9lbs, and are up-to-date on all their shots.  The vet wasn't sure if Sierra's teeth problems were the same thing as last time, or a bacterial infection, etc.  She did recommend a dental cleaning, but offered to have us try doing an antibiotic treatment first to see if that helped clear up the swelling.  At $50 (and no anesthesia) vs up to $800 (and having to be put under) we opted to try the antibiotic to see what that would do first.  They were even able to give it to her by injection, so we don't have to mess with getting her to take anything by mouth. Yay!  So, I'll be taking her back in 2 weeks and we'll see where we stand with that.

As for keeping up with their schedules, I'm FINALLY on a system (thanks to Google Calendar + my trusty iPod touch) where I consistently use an electronic calendar, which means I can put in reminders for even years from now for when each cat will need her next round of shots.  This should help TONS.


  1. if it makes you feel better, we took the cats this year and the vet told us they are actually starting to space out the vaccinations more because there is evidence that they last much longer than they thought, plus many of the rabies ones are good for 3 years.

  2. Don't feel too bad, we STILL haven't taken Harley back to the vet for his post-visit follow up. I feel bad, but at the same time at $100 a visit its a bit expensive to go every few weeks! It's horrible of me, but I finally caved and called today.

    So just remember you won't be the only one get a lecture. :-/

  3. Freddy wants to know if it's possible that D may be playing dentist? He does like to play with screwdrivers and such... have you noticed if any pairs of pliers have gone missing?

    (All four of ours are WAY past due for their yearly shots -- and they all go outside. So we win the Bad Kitty Parents of the Year Award... and the Bad Human Parents of the Year Award, if we don't get the shots done before Troy Emmitt makes his appearance...)

  4. CDNSarah8:51 AM

    Growing up in Canada, our vet would also send a little reminder card (later this became an email). When I moved to Geneva and got my cats, I was pleasantly surprised that my vet here also sent a little reminder about a month before the they were due for shots. I always thought that was super handy. You could write it down in your agenda. Or keep their records where you keep their food, extra toys, etc and just by seeing them you won't forget :-)



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