Sunday, May 17, 2009

six word sunday: Almost as old as the dinosaurs

almost as old as the dinosaurs
six word sunday challenge

This is the stereo my mom gave me as a birthday present one year when I was in high school. So this thing's at least 10 or 12 years old by now. As far as electronics go, that practically classifies it as an antique. I'm frankly amazed that it still works after all it's been through-- multiple moves, near-constant use, sitting in a locked storage unit for a year and a half during our stay in Switzerland... but, still plays. The only thing is, it seems to be kinda possessed. I think this only happens when you turn it off by pressing the power button while the CD inside is still playing-- it'll turn off alright, but then sometime in the next several hours/day it will randomly turn on again and start playing. There's been a few confused nights when I wake up to music playing at 2am. It happened again just now-- I was sitting here on the computer and all of a sudden our Donovan CD (singer, not kid) started playing even though I never touched the player.


  1. That would def. freak me out!

  2. MY parents took mine of the same brand. They still have it in SJ and it is working just as well. I think I got mine at age 15 or so, which makes it roughly 18 years old or a bit more than that! I know I had it in Univ for sure...

    Crazy that it's still ticking though. I loved mine!

  3. I have a similar stereo of similar age. I guess as long as it works I won't bother replacing it.

  4. must be something about the aiwa brand -- the two that i've had were crazy-acting, too.



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