Monday, May 18, 2009

A Shower for Goby

My lovely friend Karen is about to be a mommy. In honor to celebrate this event, a few of our friends threw a shower for her and daddy-to-be Benjamin. Julia, aka Party Planner Extraordinaire, took care of the lion's share of the duties, while the rest of us brought a couple things and put up some banners. ; ) We were still kind of in the middle of setting up when the guests started arriving, but no one seemed to mind. I had the foresight to bring my camera, and Donovan allowed me a few moments of freedom to actually use it a bit.

Carolyn made these cupcakes. Aren't they THE CUTEST THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN?
Baby Shower
"Goby" is baby's nickname (short for Girl or Boy)
Baby Shower-12
Baby Shower-8
Baby Shower-19
It was a HOT weekend-- it got up to the 90's on Saturday. So we turned on the sprinklers and let the kiddoes cool off. Some of the adults ended running through a couple times, too.
Baby Shower-31
Baby Shower-37
Baby Shower-44
One of the games was a replay race among the men-- they had to run with the stroller to a table set up with diapers, change the doll's diaper, then race back and chug a couple ounces of lemonade from a bottle... with newborn nipples on them. (Zach was in the game and D started getting clingy right about here, so I can't take credit for the relay pictures)
Baby Shower-65
Baby Shower-67
Baby Shower-69
Baby Shower-75
Apparently they were having trouble with the nipples...
Baby Shower-76
Sophia and Daddy Cyrus being cute.
Baby Shower-98
And of course, what would a shower be without the gifts. =)
Baby Shower-80
The happy Mama and Papa-to-bes. =)
Baby Shower-101

More pictures here.


  1. oh my - must be the cutest shower I've ever seen - you girls are amazing. You should go on business doing this :)

  2. Marcy, thanks so much for helping ANDDDDD for capturing the moments on camera! Great shots!

    You all put on a great party. We had a blast!

  3. The shower was so much fun...what great friends we have! Thanks for taking pictures, it was so hectic we (Benjamin) forgot to bust out our camera. :) I agree with Monika - I think Jewels could be a professional party planner, everything was perfect!

  4. looks like an awesome shower! So much fun.

  5. Marcy,
    The relay race sounds like a lot fun! I might have to steal that idea for my friend's shower. Donovan is looking so cute and growing so much. It's lovely to see him change and grow. Hope all is well!




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