Monday, May 25, 2009

At least we have pie

Saturday night we drove up to San Francisco to have dinner with our friends Bob, Aruna, and little Jules. It was kinda strange to see them there-- Zach's worked with and known Bob for years, but I didn't get to know their family until we all moved to Geneva at about the same time and bonded as fellow expats. We had many dinners at their house in the time we lived there, and I baby-sat Jules quite often. We hadn't seen them since shortly before we moved back, a good 8-9 months ago at least. They just moved back in March, and this was our first time to see each other since then.

Jules is about 5 years old and had another friend over as well, so she went back and forth between concern over The Baby messing up the stuff she and her friend were playing with, and very sweetly asking if Donovan could play with them. It was very cute. Dinner was fabulous, as usual, and Donovan ate the broccoli, mashed sweet and regular potatoes, and chicken strips like a champ (refused to try the pork, though). He had a bit of trouble going to sleep, but not too much, and once that happened I enjoyed being able to actually sit through an entire adult conversation without having to tag-team with Zach on who was watching the kiddo. It was a lovely dinner and so nice to get to see old friends again. Unfortunately we paid for it by not getting to bed till past midnight, and then being up at 6am with a very awake kiddo. Reminded me of why we don't go out to dinner more often.

Jenny and her friend Mariah drove down Sunday morning. Mariah's a college friend of Jenny's who's visiting for a bit before finishing up a year-plus long travel stint before starting med school. We all headed down to the farmer's market for shopping and lunch, then in the afternoon the three of them took Donovan out on a long hike (I opted to stay home, too tired). Zach had his heart set on burritos from a nearby taqueria for dinner, but after finding out it was closed on Sunday nights, and driving to a few alternate locations that were also closed, he settled for Wahoo's which did hit the spot. And then Mariah made peach pie, and oh my was it yum.

Unfortunately little D seems to have come down with something, as Sunday night we noticed he seemed warm and also looked kinda pale. I took his temp-- 102 (under his arm). No other obvious symptoms. Zach gave him a bath and got him into bed, while I called the Kaiser Permanente advice line to double-check that our course of action (give Motrin if needed, otherwise wait and see) was the right one, and as usual the nurse on the line was incredibly nice and helpful. D did not sleep well at all, waking up several times crying pretty hard, but seemed to go back to sleep ok at least until 5:30am when Zach got up with him. The funny thing is, I think it was on Twitter that when I mentioned we'd gone to the Discovery Museum someone replied that they loved that place, but their kids always got sick afterwards. Well, we went on Tuesday and he got sick on Sunday... hmmm. (Won't stop me from going again, but might be a reminder to whip out the hand sanitizer more often on the next trip.)

Jenny and Mariah left this morning to go camping for a few days, and Donovan feels a bit cooler this morning but still pale and a bit more tired-seeming. For the most part he's acting normal so I'm not too worried, we'll just keep an eye on his temp, etc. We had a bbq we planned to go to at a friend's house today but looks like we'll be staying at home instead. It's been a really fun weekend, but it's kinda left all of us pretty drained of energy. But hey, at least there's pie.


  1. He's been a surprisingly healthy baby. R was sick all the time when she was his age with ear infections until she got tubes.

    Hope he feels better soon.

  2. That's so cool about seeing old friends. I'm curious to know how they like SF compared to being in Geneva. Did you guys talk about adjustments back the other way?

    It's rather convincing about D getting sick. I do hope it passes quickly!

  3. hahahahaha actually one guy was showing us a house and there was a patch of dead grass in his backyard where he said his daughters swingset went. I grabbed alli's hand and said "we're having a daughter too!" His expression was priceless.



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