Tuesday, May 05, 2009

not sure I'll survive to the teen years

We've been having kind of a rough day today. Donovan has just been so MOODY. One minute he'll be playing happily, the next all of a sudden OHMYGOD THE SKY IS FALLING AND LIFE IS AWFULLLLLL. He threw a full-on tantrum last night, and again today, b/c he wanted to drink juice from his sippy cup but wanted me to hold it for him. He literally was sitting on the floor, screaming, tears rolling down his face, trying to push my hand on his cup, refusing to hold it himself. Then after a few minutes he got over it and was ok again????? Then as I was making him lunch today he was super upset and acting like he was STARVING, so I set him in his high chair and offered him some food, which he played with then turned his plate over, and when I took it away and set him back down on the ground he was fine, just walked off babbling and found a toy to play with. I wonder if he's in pain about something-- a few days ago I swore I could feel part of a new tooth breaking the surface on his gum, but now I don't feel anything so I don't know what that was. I hate to give him pain meds for no reason, but I also hate thinking of him in pain and me not know it. *Sigh*

I also got very frustrated with thew weather today, which was apparently undecided on whether it should rain or be nice and sunny. D and I were all set to walk to the park this afternoon (Get some fresh air! Conserve gas and pollution by walking instead of driving! Spend some time outside of this friggin house where D was finding everything to be horribly upsetting!) and halfway there it started raining. So we come home, and instead drive to Gymboree free play time... and the sun comes out as I drive into the parking lot.

I think D may be going through a pahse of a stronger preference for me now. When Zach's parents were here they'd bathe him every night, and he kinda threw a fit. Usually he LOVES his bath. Then they left and those following 2 nights Zach gave D his bath... and again, he screamed both times (which is odd, as usually he's happy with either of us). But now if I bathe him, he's fine. Tonight I left as D was finishing his dinner so I could go to the post office, and he started screaming as soon as he realized I was going somewhere and didn't stop until going into his crib to sleep 30 mins later. In a way it's sweet, but EGADS!

And now, to remind us all of how cute that little monster my sweet boy can be:

I guess he is a mighty cute ball and chain.


  1. I know exactly how you feel; it must be a just about 15 month old thing!

    Our day was like that here too; Eli whined and threw fits most of the day, broken by requests to play Ring a Ring a Rosie or chatting away in gibberish on the phone. He took forever to go down for his morning sleep and wouldn’t go down at all this afternoon.

    I did give him some pain medicine in the morning because another premolar has just broken through, but it didn’t make any difference to his mood, so I haven’t given him any more. It was such a relief to put him to bed tonight, thankfully he went down easily. I am just about to go and look in on him to remind myself of just how adorable he is and how much I love him!!

    Make yourself a nice cup of tea and I will cross my fingers that we both have a better day tomorrow.


  2. Eliza goes through stages like that a lot! Lately she only wants her dad. She cries for me but is happy as a lark with hm. I just figure everything is a phase and it wiill pass soon enough. haha

  3. I'm sure it's just another phase but I'm beginning to sense he is smarting up and seeing how much he can test you guys. Make sure you don't stray from rules or really start setting them and you must walk away when he does things like that. If you react, he has made his point and gotten his way. However hard it could be right now, it won't kill you both and in the end D will have learned he can't do this to you...

    Just be careful to keep your sanity.. I know it's easy to say from someone not with kids or there every day...

  4. Today, National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day, we're watching a video on "a walk in your shoes" with a teen mom. The video still makes this look like a walk in the park...


    I think I'm going to read them parts of your blog.

  5. We honestly have the same child, just different hair color :) Finn is pretty much a mama's boy these days, which is both flattering and at times tiring. And the tantrums over the most bizarre things just make me laugh!

    D is adorable as always :)

  6. jessica12:33 PM

    i am just curious...do you think the attachment to you issues are like a side effect of being a stay at home mom? do you imagine that he might be the same way, with either of you, if both of you went to work?

  7. Growing pains, maybe? Not that it would make a difference in how you handle things, but it could be an explanation.



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