Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DANGER: Nap Reduction in Progress

Donovan has been extremely moody the past few days. I take it as no coincidence that he is also transitioning from taking two naps a day, down to one. His mood swings put your average teenager to shame. It seems he's constantly wanting to play with things that he can't have (every single time he sees my keys, if not given to him IMMEDIATELY, he'll start crying) and then throwing a fit when he can't have them. This is partially my fault as in moments of desperation I have been known to give him the damn keys/glasses case/whatever just to make him happy. I know how important consistency is, but man is it hard to stick to (it's not such a popular parenting advice point for nothing). I realize part of this may also be emerging toddler tantrums, increasing frustration at his inability to communicate with us as he'd like to. For example we've had a few snack sessions lately where he'll have a plethora of food in front of him, yet he's still eagerly signing "more" and even if I could tell what other food option he wants, I don't want to cater to it when he already has food in front of him. And, well, this makes him angry. So who knows. I'm hoping most of it is him being more tired in general as he gets used to this new sleep schedule. God, I hope so. I also hope I survive until then.

In other news, we checked out the Children's Discovery Museum this morning. There was enough going on that D was pretty happy the whole time we were there. I debated buying us a membership, but decided to wait-- there was a lot of stuff D loved to play with (like the real ambulance that the kids could play in), but it also was pretty overwhelming. At least 3 different school groups were there, and the place isn't that big, so with all the noise and big kids running around it felt pretty chaotic. I asked the moms I was there with, and they said that level of activity was pretty standard. There is a special section upstairs just for kids 4 and under, that area was a bit calmer and still fun for him. We went in the morning, had a quick lunch there and then came home, and of course D fell asleep in the car... and thankfully was able to go back to sleep ince we got home and into his crib. If nothing else, the museum sure did seem to tire him out.

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  1. Hang in there! It sounds like you're doing a great job. The most important thing you can do for your child is to be there. What a wonderful gift Zach has given to Donovan: his Mommie, in the flesh.



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