Saturday, November 27, 2010

turkey day

It's been a busy, exciting, exhausting week.  We have a bunch of family in town, rotating in and out (mom- and dad-in-law are here all week, my sister was here Wednesday and Thursday before flying off to Texas for the weekend, my bro-in-law and his girlfriend have been here since Wednesday and leave to go back to the city today).  It's been fun to have everyone around, but it's also interesting to note how exhausted I get just from being around this many people at once.  D has been loving all the attention, though it also seems to be taking its toll on him somewhat as he's kinda been falling apart each night around bedtime.  He loves playing with everyone else, but the pre-nap and pre-bedtime routines are, apparently, sacred and only Mommy is allowed to perform those duties.  I wonder if this is also him sensing that baby-time may be near...

Thanksgiving dinner was pretty awesome.  Between the pregnancy and our not-grand-sized kitchen, we opted to order a pre-cooked meal instead of trying to make our own.  I think it was worth the splurge.  ; )  Everything was delicious, and we've got plenty of leftovers to tide us over through the weekend.  May be doing this again in the future, depending on where we find ourselves at Thanksgiving.

I've been eager to get Christmas decorations out, so yesterday I pulled out our little 3ft tall tree, and D helped me put the ornaments on.  I also hung our stockings.  I've always loved the Christmas season, though it seems to feel even more special now that I have a child to share it with.  D had so much fun helping with the tree, it was pretty adorable.  Then last night we had a living room dance party to a Barenaked Ladies Christmas CD.  I got a short bit of it on video, may be able to share later. ; )

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