Monday, November 01, 2010

Came home with candy, and a cough

I'm sitting here with a coughing, sneezing D, using a bad cold as an excuse to sit around and watch Tv most of the morning.

We had a fun, full weekend-- trick-or-treating downtown on Saturday, then went to the zoo yesterday (see flickr set here).  D dressed as a skeleton (wore his skeleton PJs).  On Saturday I dressed up as The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, which got some good reactions.  I'd originally planned to dress up for the zoo, too, but decided the costume would be too big a hassle and I wanted to bring my camera along, anyway, so wore regular clothes. I think for next year I'll plan ahead and go with a costume where the DSLR can work as a prop as well as for taking pictures (wildlife photographer? Mamarazzi? Hmmm...).  I did paint my belly in the morning, though, just for fun.  There's no way I could've dealt with my snuggly, baby-belly-obsessed toddler out in public with a painted belly, but I wanted to at least do it and have some pictures.

So, fun weekend, but yesterday D developed this cough that Zach's been sporting for several days, and today he seems mighty miserable. So, I let him watch Willy Wonka for the first time. He loved it.  I remember what a great (if a tad judgmental) movie it is.  Not sure what we'll do this afternoon, maybe we'll actually get outside for a stroller ride around the neighborhood or something.  And, probably, some Bob the Builder.

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