Thursday, November 18, 2010

fall leaves and my snaggle-toothed cat

I don't know if I didn't notice this before or if the environment/climate/types of trees are just that different here vs in San Jose, but it just really feels like fall this year.  IT helps that this area has so many big, tall trees lining the streets, and most of them are turning colors and dropping beautifully yellow leaves.  It's lovely, and almost makes me wish we lived somewhere with true four seasons (almost...I'll deal with living somewhere that gets a summer, most of fall/spring, and where we can easily drive to the snow if/when we want).

So today I finally took Sierra in for her kitty tooth cleaning and pulling.  We decided to go with the regular vet, since their estimate was much cheaper and figuring the expertise should be close enough to be comparable.  D and I dropped her off this morning then picked her up in the afternoon... she seems to be doing ok, her fur looks a little scraggly and her eyes a bit glazed, but otherwise ok.  First thing she did once back home was go upstairs and curl up on our bed.  The cute thing is, Nev soon went after her, and has been lying on the bed, too, though on the opposite end, the whole time.  It really does seem like she's watching over Sierra.  

In the end they took out 3 teeth-- her upper right canine, a top left molar, and another teensy molar at the very back of her mouth.  Apparently the extractions were pretty simple since the roots were mostly chewed away at by the gingivitis/infection/whatever exactly it was.  I have some pain meds I can give her tonight and tomorrow (that should be interesting...), and then they suggested I bring her back in in about a month to make sure everything's healed up properly.  By that point I'll probably have to knock her out to get her anywhere near her carrier, she'll be so sick of going to the vet.  =(

Zach comes home tomorrow night.  Will be so nice to see him...  I miss his help as a fellow parent, of course, but I also am really missing just getting to be around him and talk and catch up about our days, as all our conversations this week have been so short (5-10mins).  D definitely misses his daddy... kept talking about him yesterday, about daddy coming back from his trip or wanting to go to the airport to meet him.  It'll be fun for him to wake up Saturday morning with daddy back home again.  Should be a really nice weekend.  =)

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  1. Great fall photos! I showed a friend your blog and she loved your photos by the way...

    Seems our fall has mostly ended. All of those ivy leaves have fallen and most leaves are on the ground waiting to mulch or to have snow touch over them...

    By the way, D's jumping photos are ADORABLE!!!!



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