Friday, November 05, 2010

so much time, so little to do... wait, strike that- reverse it

This morning I dropped D off with Arjun and the nanny for the day.  Due to a couple of cancellations, it's been nearly 2 weeks since he's seen her.  And between the long list of stuff I've been needing to get done, and the fact that Zach will be working all weekend, I figured we'd take the leap and let D stay all the way till 5pm (normally I pick him up at noon).  This morning when he woke up and I told him where he was going, he was totally gung-ho, and when we got there he was practically pushing me out the door to leave.  I'm curious to see how the pick-up will go in an hour or so here, as he loves being there so much that he usually (at least initially) won't want to leave.  Yes, it stings a little, but I also love that he's so happy and comfortable hanging out with them.  =)

In my spare time, I first... took a short nap.  Then, I headed out to the post office to send out a package, a local hippie co-op to pick up some supplements, and Ikea for a few kid/baby items.  Then I came home and folded about 5 loads of laundry (more still washing-- we somehow got on a massive backlog), and tried to set up some of the baby's future room.  I only got far enough to realize how much more we need to do in there, and of course a lot of it requires semi-heavy lifting that I can't really do myself, and also figuring out where to put the random crap that's been stashed in that room but will soon need to be moved elsewhere.  And with Zach working this weekend, and then leaving on a business trip next weekend, and the general lack of free time and energy these days, I'm not entirely sure when any of it will happen.  Eventually, one would hope.  I know we have time as the baby likely won't even be using his room till he's at least 3 months or so, but I also waited till then to set up D's nursery and then was kicking myself for trying to do all the same re-arranging and setting up while caring for a newborn.  So, I'm figuring my best chances of progress are before the birth.  We'll see if we reach that goal... It does feel good to have a few things squared away, and try to plan for getting others things taken care of soon.  I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow, which makes the birth seem mighty imminent all of a sudden.  

One big help will be that I finally set up for the Salvation Army to come pick up our old dryer (they should be coming on Monday) which will free up a good chunk of space in the garage.  Woot!  Hopefully I can also gather up some other stuff to pass on to them over the weekend, too.  

So, progress.  Though somehow it feels like there's still so much more still left to do.  Then again, is that ever not the case these days?  

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