Wednesday, December 01, 2010

38 wks 4 days

After enjoying a good week or so of almost no pregnancy complaints last week, this week is now kicking my ass.  I'm having tons of braxton-hicks contractions at night, and they're uncomfortable enough that they seem to wake me up every couple of hours and I think also keep me from getting much deep sleep.  A couple of nights I've also had some period-like cramping, and sometimes the cramps get pretty strong/intense (the BHs and cramps happen some during the day, but are definitely worse at night).  All this combined with 2-4 trips to the bathroom each night, and you can understand why I'm feeling somewhat zombie-like these days.  Zach has even resorted to sleeping in the guestroom the past 2 nights since all my tossing, turning, and getting up is waking him up, too, and well, there's no point in both of us being mind-numbingly exhausted.

The in-laws left yesterday afternoon.  My mom flies in tomorrow evening, and will be with us for a month to help with the baby... which means that these couple days between grandparent visits are the last days that D and I have together, alone, as a twosome.  I feel like we should be doing special things, cherishing these last days of uninterrupted one-on-one time.  Instead, I'm too tired (thus, grumpy) to be an effective parent or really enjoy this time.  Thankfully he's been relatively easy-going and we are getting a good bit of cuddle time together.  I guess that will just have to be good enough.

I'm curious/anxious/worried about how D will react to a new baby.  He likes talking about his baby brother, and I'm very encouraged by how much he likes watching videos of and skyping with his newborn cousin.  But he's also been extra mom-centric the past week or 2, demanding that I be the one to read to him and lay with him before bed, etc, so it'll be a tough transition, I imagine, to have Mommy spending so much time with someone else and not be as available to him.  I'm glad my mom will be here to help, as he's pretty fond of her so hopefully they can do enough fun things together to help make up for his lost mommy-time.  


  1. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Best wishes for your upcoming delivery, and for D getting to meet his new little sib! Thinking of you!

  2. I think your mom will be great help to you! Been thinking and still thinking of the due date.. Hopefully it's soon!

    Good luck with everything!



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