Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Quinn is 12 days old today, almost 2 weeks.  It's been a pretty interesting experience so far, all of it.  Donovan blows me away with how well he's taking everything, how interested he is in his brother.  Every so often he'll kinda crack and you can tell he misses the way things used to be, but the vast majority of the time he's amazing.  I am so taken with him right now, watching him be cute and listening to him play with my mom, my heart just melts over and over.  I'm enjoying the "newborn phase" with Quinn, but I also find myself really looking forward to the time when he's a couple years older, and watching both he and D play and interact and talk, and be able to go out and do all sorts of fun family things together like take both boys up to the snow to play, etc (some of that pining might stem from the fact that I've barely left the house in the past 2 weeks...)

I've had a few moments/days that felt rough, but for the most part I continue to be amazed at how good everything feels, especially when I think back and compare to how things were with D when he was this young.  We've settled nicely into breastfeeding, it's comfortable and pretty easy by now.  Q has had some days when he's been fussier and more difficult to deal with, and others where he's been more mellow and, for example, able to sleep on a surface other than someone's arms.  For the most part he's quite happy as long as he's being nursed and held.  I've brought out my Moby wrap and CatBird Baby mei tai carrier, and he seems to like both-- I can tell I'll be getting plenty of use out of them in the coming months.  It was wonderful to get those first several days of not doing much other than focusing on my new baby, but it's also feeling really good now to be able to wear him and get some things done around the house-- it gives me a chance to see that I can still take care of at least some of this stuff even with a new baby, and that things will be ok once we're more on our own again.

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  1. So, so happy it is going well! You give me hope :) Did you do anything special to prepare D? Finn seems excited about the baby but that is probably because the baby isn't here yet!



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