Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas and baby update

There's kind of a lot, and not much, to say, all at the same time.

Christmas was pretty great.  D really enjoyed his new toys and books, and it was fun sharing the day with my mom and sister.  Jen took the train back to SF this morning, and my mom is here for one more week (I'm in slight denial of that fact).

Quinn goes in to the pediatrician tomorrow for his "2 week" well check (though he'll be nearly 3 weeks).  I'm curious to see what he weighs now...  He's eating constantly.  He'll occasionally go 2 hours between feedings, but most of the time during the day he's eating about every hour, and sometimes more often.  At night he's been going a bit longer, about 3-3.5 hours or so.  I've been able to get a good bit of sleep at I try to head to bed around 8-9pm, and if Q permits will nap in the morning till sometime between 7-9am.  I know that will change dramatically once I don't have mom here to hand Q off to in the evenings, or to watch D in the mornings.  For now, I'm enjoying feeling miraculously well rested, especially compared to how I felt while still pregnant.

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