Thursday, October 18, 2012

today {10.18.12}

Quinn likes to set up his own "car crushes" using his toy cars. It's kinda hilarious to watch him do this.  He makes the engine roaring noises and everything.
I love how he makes his own "car crush" shows with his monster truck.
The sky today. It's hard to believe that 55F can feel downright warm, but with the sun shining and hardly a breeze I was out in short sleeves in the late morning/early afternoon.  It was a glorious day.  
New England sky. 
My new pink softshell. It should help protect me from wind, rain, and hunters who might otherwise mistake me for a deer or bear in the woods. Yes, there is hunting back there. Apparently. We've gotten an alarming warning email or two. I'm not that concerned since the trail has a good bit of human traffic -- tons of runners, and several of the med students use it to walk to the hospital-- but yeah. See also D's red hat, below. As for Quinn, well, I guess I expect his noise level to be the biggest warning sign? 
New bright pink jacket so I don't get confused for a deer or bear in the woods. #huntingseason #lifeintheboonies 
 We started our nature walk with a friend and her baby, but alas little dudes on short legs travel at much slower pace than adults so it quickly became just me and the boys.  Was still a nice walk.  The wagon and dump truck did a lot of off-roading and crashing into things.  You know, your usual peaceful walk through the forest.
A boy and his wagon. Oh just another peaceful walk in the woods...(filled with crashing & sibling annoyances)

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