Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And just like that... *poof*

About 2-3 weeks ago:

And now the leaves are falling... His tree is changing colors.

And yesterday:
#latergram The boys playing with a neighbor yesterday. Sad to see all the leaves gone. =(

Note also the dearth of leaves on the ground, even.  They fell from the trees, and I swear within days they got swept/blown/gathered up. I didn't even see anyone come do it, they were just there one day and gone the next. 

I have to admit, I'm a little bummed.  We did get a pretty decent "fall" in Sacramento-- our neighborhood was lined with massive trees, and although it didn't happen till December they did turn brilliant colors and then fall, and I have great memories from last winter of the boys making a huge pile of leaves and jumping/running through it and just having a blast.  When we moved here, I looked at all the trees and figured we'd get to do that all over again... and totally missed our chance.  It does look like there's a second wave of trees turning right now, so maybe we'll go scout out some locations of freshly fallen leaves and try to fit in some leaf play before they are all gone, too.


  1. It does go by pretty fast. Let's hope the winter goes by just as fast for you! : )

  2. It is a bummer but its not the region its the weather ;-/ we had a very uncharacteristically mild winter last year and a super warm summer and then little rain and it affected the foliage or so the weather people say. I've never seen such a short Fall in the northeast. Total bummer. Bright side? Someone cleans the leaves at Tuck :) here at Cornell we are like the forgotten campus ghetto lol



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