Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween 2012, part 1: As You Wish

I really like Halloween, especially thinking up and putting together costumes. They usually look way better in my head than in real life, but whatever. I think one of my favorite costumes was when I dressed as Jem (of The Holograms) several years ago, and I personally thought my Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly maternity costume two years ago was brilliant even if only about 3 people recognized it.  (Maybe if/when I learn to sew one day I can actually make recognizable costumes....)

Zach and I wanted to do a couples costume for the Tuck Halloween party and wanted it to be good-- costumes are a bit of a "thing" here.  We finally settled on Wesley and Buttercup from The Princess Bride (aka one of the best movies OF ALL TIME). I found pieces for our outfits, but really wanted to have a large stuffed rodent to put it all together... Then about an hour before the party last night I had a stroke of genius (humor me) and with some brown packing tape, a ping ping ball, and pipe cleaners I turned our ikea stuffed hippo into an ROUS. Which really did pull it all together-- a lot of people didn't really know who/what we were till they saw the ROUS. But we did get a few squeals of recognition and approval, which was pretty awesome. The party itself was fun, the costumes made it a bit tough to recognize people (especially since I don't see that many of the Tuck students very often) but the costumes were great.  I think my favorites were Rainbow Brite and Obama's Kenyan birth certificate.

Tuck Halloween party- here we go. #asyouwish

Next week it'll be the boys' turn to show off their costumes-- we have an indoor halloween party and on-campus trick-or-treating tomorrow, and then and parade through the neighborhood and more trick-or-treating on Wednesday.... as long as Hurricane Sandy doesn't interfere.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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